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Past Events


The Future of Biotechnology

September 15, 2020 Our faculty and alumni panelists delve into the latest innovations and trends, impacts of artificial intelligence and data science, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in biotechnology.

Lightning Talk with Ali Mesbah

Toward Autonomy for Complex Chemical and Biomolecular Systems Don't miss the chance to hear from Ali Mesbah, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UC Berkeley, as he provides an overview of his research and its potential societal implications.

Food Tech

Food Technology in the 21st Century

Oct 29, 2020 To kickoff our Berkeley Food Tech Ecosystem, we are hosting a panel discussion on Food Technology in the 21st Century by talking with several experts in applying technological innovations to improve access to healthy and sustainable foods. Join us for a live Q&A at the end of the panel.

Innovations in Brewing

March 24, 11:00 AM PDT College of Chemistry R&D Engineer Esayas Kelkile guides us through the ins and outs of the brewing experience, chatting with Berkeley alumni at Berkeley Yeast, Impossible Foods, and Anheuser-Busch. Don’t miss the chance to hear from these innovators about where the industry is going.


Chem & Big Tech

January 27, 2021 Join College of Chemistry Sr. Lecturer Steve Sciamanna and alumni June Yang (VP & GM, Google Cloud), Michael Vyvoda (Director Product Operations, Apple), and Laura Oliphant (VC Investor & Technology Veteran) for a riveting discussion. Watch these industry leaders discuss artificial intelligence, big data and big analysis, sustainability, and other trends within today's technological world.


The Future of Batteries

November 19, 2020 For this inaugural Energy Ecosystem panel, College of Chemistry Professor Bryan McCloskey led a discussion with alumni Amy Prieto, Anouck Champsaur and Steve Harris on the future of batteries and renewable energy. Tune in to hear from these innovators in the energy sector as they discuss the latest trends in the field.


Leveraging Green Chemistry to Produce Sustainable Materials & Safer Products

Dec 16, 2020 To kick off our Berkeley Advanced Materials, Products & Technologies Ecosystem, we hosted a Lightning Talk on green chemistry, sustainable materials and safer products. Tune in to hear from Marty Mulvihill, current advisor and initial Executive Director at the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry for his presentation and recorded Q&A.

Water Harvesting from Air Anytime Anywere

Wednesday, April 14 at 12 p.m. PDT Check out this exciting talk by College of Chemistry Professor Omar M. Yaghi. It is estimated that by 2050 nearly half of the world population will live in water stressed regions. Join us for a critical discussion on how water can be harvested from the air to address the global water challenge. Don’t miss the chance to ask your questions and hear about how MOFs could capture water from desert climates making the vision of "water independence" potentially realizable to the citizens of the world.

Our Changing Atmosphere: Evidence that Demands a Verdict

April 28, 11:00 AM PDT Check out this talk with College of Chemistry CBE Department Chair and Professor Jeffrey Reimer on climate change. Many people are only aware of climate change by way of public discourse and social media. Don't miss the chance to learn how the atmosphere is changing and the consequences of hum an actions examined in the context of Earth's historic carbon cycles. Learn about carbon capture and sequestration in this live talk and Q&A.



February 24, 2020 11:00 AM PDT Anne Baranger, our newly appointed Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, facilitates a discussion with College of Chemistry alumni on their personal and professional experiences with DEI in higher education and various industries.


Applications of Data Science and Informatics

May 20, 11am PDT Don't miss this discussion with four experts in the field of data and informatics as they explore the history and development of data science and current trends. Hear about the newest data analytical techniques and how they are being applied in different organizations. Our panel also delves into the issues around data ethics and data security in today's modern world.